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John Matthew Black Program Series

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The Bayfield Heritage Association’s John Matthew Black Program Series is generously sponsored by the Apostle Islands Historic Preservation Conservancy.

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The House That Sank Presentation

Sunday March 3 - 2:00-3:00pm - Live at BHA

Wednesday, March 2, 1977: A 10-ton truck and a 20-ton trailer carrying a fully furnished 2-story townhouse started their trek across 16 inches of ice, above 90 feet of Lake Superior water. What could go wrong?!

Sherman Edwards will join us at BHA to tell the story of this remarkable event in our community’s history.

From the Island Gazette: March 22, 1977:

It was almost an unbelievable project. It would make the news - it would be a story to tell the future generations - no matter which way I went. It went the wrong way - the unbelievable was attempted - the unbelievable happened.

Salvage operations for the tractor and house which dropped through the Lake Superior ice March 2nd into 90 feet of water, just off Madeline Island, have been scrubbed until spring.

The seven room, completely furnished, house valued in the area of $ 40,000 and the White Freightliner tractor and trailer valued at around $100,000, went through the ice about a mile out from the Island.

The house was being towed from Port Superior across to the Island, where it was to be pulled up by the Pub and from there to the owner’s property in the Madeline Island Corporation Golf Course area.

This event is sponsored by Apostle Islands Historic Preservation Conservancy and is part of Bayfield Heritage Associations, John Matthew Black area history series.

Recent Program

The Bayfield State Fish Hatchery

Presented on Sunday, February 4, 2024

The Viking Way

This video provides a fascinating look into the early days of the Bayfield State Fish Hatchery, including the land acquisition, construction, and operations. It includes many pictures and includes some familiar names of the first workers at the hatchery.

Darren Miller, Operations Supervisor of the Les Voigt and Brule Hatcheries for the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, was our presenter.

Sponsored by Apostle Islands Historic Preservation Conservancy, this presentation is part of Bayfield Heritage Association's John Matthew Black area history series.

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