Great Developments – A.H. Wilkenson

Bayfield Ridge Map From Geology of Wisconsin 1880

Bayfield Ridge Map From Geology of Wisconsin –  1880

Great Developments 

Bayfield County Press – October 30, 1903

A.H. Wilkinson Tells of Large Sales of Cutover Lands – Few Years Ago They Were Thought Not Worth Paying Taxes on read the sub-titles. A snippet in the Press on November 06, 1903, followed the enthusiasm of Lon Wilkenson and, “It will not be many years before Bayfield will do its share of fruit shipping from the Larchmont trees that are to be set out next spring”.

Alonzo H. Wilkinson who dealt extensively in Bayfield County lands mentioned that the past year of 1902 had seen “greater activity in the sale of real estate, broad acres and lots, in and about the town and for many years” he believes “the boom will continue until all the land within a convenient distance of town will be taken up and converted into farms”.

“It must be interesting indeed to those identified with the development of Northern Wisconsin, and more especially to those interested in the future welfare of our country and town to visit the County Registers Office and note the number of transfer of lands, from a few acres up to thousands of acres, recorded daily. In some instances, it is the large investor purchasing lands at the present low values sell at a handsome profit, but in the majority of cases it is the laboring man, the man was small capital, seeking to build up a home for him and family which would be impossible in the older settled communities”.

“Five years ago lands, after the timber had been cut off, were in many instances not considered of enough values to pay taxes on even at a very low assessed valuation. Today this land has been taking up improved into valuable farms”.

“Lands in the town the Bayfield are exceptionally good and along the lakeshore are well adapted to fruit culture. That our businessmen and citizens are not slow in taking advantage of this opportunity may be seen by the number engaged wholly or partially in developing cutover lands”.

“Among those who become interested this year is Mr. Orlando Flanders who was clearing land for orchard near Red Cliff.  Mr.’s Henry Wachsmuth and Theodore Ernst will develop at least a part of their recent purchase on the place on the road next year. Mr. Theobald and Barningham will open farms on Section 16 near the Turnquist (August) farm next year. Mr. Henry Sykes has 15 acres ready for cultivation (Salmo site).

Mr. George Saegert, of Redcliff, who purchased 10 acres of land south of town this spring from the Dalrymple estate, will start a chicken ranch, having recently purchased material for the necessary buildings. Robert and Alex Mathieu are waiting for the timber to be removed from their recent purchase on Section 12 to commence operations.

Town treasurer Engledinger will build a residence on land north of town in this spring. Mr. Fred Brauns expects to set out small fruit and vegetables next year. Among others who have invested during the past two years in lands are John Kranzfelder, Charles Hendrickson, Martin Johnson, T. G. Gonia, O. P. Nelson, Ed Gonia, Henry Meyers and many others, are all interested in building a Bayfield in the surrounding territory”. 

This history brief was written by Robert J. Nelson. Generously sharing our local history through his research and writing.