Farm Registrations – 1911



Farm Registrations Up-to-Date 

Bayfield Progress – December 12, 1911

W.H. Holmes- Editor-Journalist received a letter from William Knight and a K. A. Morris which stated, “That the people are in earnest about the modern idea of naming farms up-to-date we have the following notices”:

Bayfield, Wisconsin October 6, 1911

To the Editor of the Progress:

Dear Sir:  Seeing your request in the Progress of the 5th requesting owners of farms to give them names and hand them to you for publication, I will say that I named my fruit farm over two years since”.  The one adjoining the town-site of Bayfield I have named “Cherry Hill”, the farm one mile west from town is named “Pleasant Valley” and the one on the Cornucopia Road is named “The Summit”.  

Yours Respectfully,

Wm. Knight


Milwaukee, October 8th, 1911

To Editor Bayfield Progress,

Please register my farm on the Sand River Road, near Bayfield, name as “Fairview”.  Hope everybody will take advantages of this opportunity to register their farms so a not to have a confusion of duplicates later.

Very truly yours,

K.A. Morris

Farm Registrations - Bayfield Progress - October 12, 1911
Farm Registrations – Bayfield Progress – October 12, 1911

Apple cultivars of this time period:  Alexander, Iowa Beauty, John Davis, Malinda, McIntosh, Northwestern Greening, Oldenburg Duchess, Patten Greening, Transparent, Wealthy, Wolf River, Hyslop Crab, Martha Crab, Florence Crab, Transcendent Crab, Whitney Crab, Champion Peach.

[1] In an autobiography, “Growing up in Bayfield” ca 1997, written by Mel Clark, Clark mentions that his father, Oliver Clark, started the Frank Wolfe strawberry and honey-bee farm on County J at which time later became the F. M. Herrmann’s Silver Fox and Ken Dooley’s mink farm.  Clark also mentions a farmer he named Mr. Hillman.

This history brief was written by Robert J. Nelson. Generously sharing our local history through his research and writing.