Early Farmsteads – Plat Maps Russell

1906 Town of Russell Plat

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1906 Town of Russell Plat

Early Farmsteads

Township of Russell

T 51 N & R. 4 W

Sections one, two and three are Indian reserve

Section Four: Pete Hokenson (h), Paul Miethke, Napoleon Rabideaux, William Knight

Section Five: William McBrien

Section Seven: William McBrien

Section Eight: Magnus Halvorson (h), M. Halvorson (h), August Lohman (h), Mary Olson, Fred W. Bloom, Carl F. Bloom

Nine: William McBrien

Section 10: Gotfred Peterson (h), Peter Mikkelson (h), William Weber Lumber Company

Section 11: William McBrien

Section 12: William Knight

Section 13: Dexter land Company

Section 14: Raspberry School, Peter C. Moeller(h), Anton Miller (h), Paul Miethke, Jacob Peterson, Loveland Company

Section 15: Bayfield Lumber Company, William McBrien

Section 16: Dexter Land Company

Section 17: William McBrien

Section 18: John P. Russell [Bayfield Western Railway runs by his], John Engbloom (h), W. W. Flynn

Section 19: Peter C. Moeller, William McBrien

Section 20: August Turnquist (h), W. H. Gilbert, William McBrien, Sara G. Robson

Section 21: Bayfield Lumber Company, Frank Boutin Jr., William McBrien

Section 22: Loveland land Company, Mathias Olson (h), Fred Faulk (h),

Section 23: William McBrien: Jacob Feldmeir [the Bayfield Western Railway runs through this property]

Section 24: Louis Gordon, Dexter land Company, William F. Dalrymple

Section 25: Red Cliff Indian Reserve

Section 26: Paul Miethke, William Knight, Frank Boutin Jr., Loveland Company, Paul Rabideaux [present-day Highway 13 runs through section 26, 27, 28, 29, 30]

Section 27: William McBrien

Section 28: Maxcy Land Company, Charles P. Rudd, William McBrien, Nicholas Rymar (h)

Section 29: William McBrien

Section 30: William McBrien, Sarah G. Robson, George Quayle, John Bjorge (h), William Knight

Section 31: William McBrien

Section 32: Loveland land Company, George Quayle,

Section 33: Morris Ryder, John G. Nordin, Chicago-St. Paul-Minneapolis-Omaha railway in the swampland area

Section 34: William McBrien, Loveland Company, Red Cliff Lumber Company, Matilda M. Rice, Charles Connor

Section 35: William McBrien

Section 36: Indian reservation


[The Raspberry Road starts in Section 34 runs north to section 27 where it intersects the road to Red Cliff, then heads north to section 22, intersects section 15 and 14, runs North and intersects sections 10 and 11 and turns West near the Gotfred Peterson farm]

[The Sand River Road runs through midsection 28, 20, runs north on the line of sections 18 and 17, seven and eight were it stops at Magnus Halvorson’s]

Town of Russell T 51 N R 5 W

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Town of Russell T 51 N R 5 W

Town of Russell

T 51 N R. 5 W

Section 8: F. M. Maguire, Red Cliff Lumber Company,

Section 9: Anton M. Olson (h), R. A. Steckbauer, Charles Meyers (h), D. M. Maxcy

Section 10: R. A. Steckbauer, Gerhardt Green (h), school, Charles Connor, C.W. Uecke (sic)

Section 11: D. M. Maxcy

Section 12: D. M. Maxcy, R. A. Steckbauer

Section 13: William McBrien (squaw Bay Road shown)

Section 14: Joe O’Malley, A. J. Mussell

Section 15: D. M. Maxcy, William McBrien

Section 16: S. J. Gusson

Section 17: Martin Johnson (h), Michael Stromlund (h), Andrew P.  Edin (h), Charles Connor

Section 18: F McGuire, Lake Lots

Section 19: William McBrien

Section 20: Francis McGuire

Section 21: William McBrien

Section 22: A. J. Mussell, C. H. Gardner

Section 23: D. M. Maxcy, William McBrien, C. H. Gardner

Section 24: William Quann (h), Peter Halvorson (h), C. G. Anderson (h),  Jesse H. Knight, John Mattson, Maxcy land Company

Section 25: William McBrien, Bayfield Lumber Company

Section 26: A. J. Mussell, L. A. Holston, D. M. Maxcy

Section 27: William McBrien, Bayfield Lumber Company

Section 28: Elmer Beebe (h), Joseph M. Winberg, A. J. Mussell, J. D. Nordin, 

Section 29: Bayfield Lumber Company, William McBrien

Section 31: William McBrien

Section 32: Red Cliff Lumber Company

Section 33: William McBrien

Section 34: Fred Johnson (h), C. Hackenson (h), John Nelson(h), A. G. Hendrickson(h)

Section 35: William McBrien

Section 36: Gustav A. Anderson (h), Charles Fried (h), Andrew Peterson (h), Louis Peterson (h)

[The Bayfield Western Railway cuts through sections 30, 29, 28, 27, 26, heads north into section 23 into section 13

[The Squaw Bay Road dead ends in North section 16 to 15, 14 down to section 13]

This history brief was written by Robert J. Nelson. Generously sharing our local history through his research and writing.