Early Farmsteads – Plat Maps Bayfield

1906 Plat Town of Bayfield

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1906 Plat Town of Bayfield

Early Farmsteads

Town of Bayfield T 50 N R.3 W


Section 6: William F. Rittenhouse [Bayfield waterfront]


Town of Bayfield T 50 N R.4 W


Section One: William F. Dalrymple, Dexter Land Company

Section Two: Henry Meyers, Harvey Nourse, E. J. Hanna, John Kranzfelder, Dexter Land Company

Section Three: Dexter Land Company, C.H. Allen, Jesse M. Knight

Section Four: Dexter Land Company, Walter A. Morse, I.S. Holston

Section Five: R. [Robert] Ingles, Mary P. Palmer, Dexter Land Company

Section Six: Dexter Land Company, William Schultz, H. M. Stockman,

Section Seven: Harvey Nourse, C. M. Gnriskey (sic), Loveland Company

Section Eight: William Knight, Mary M. Ryan, Dexter Land Company, George Stark

Section Nine: State of Wisconsin, Henry J. Wachsmuth, L. A. Holston, William Knight

Section 10: Dan Maxy, Emanuel Luick, C. W. Turner, Lucy E. Hatch, Edward Rutledge Dexter Investment Company

Section 11: (on the Sand River Road) Dexter Investment Company, A. H. Wilkinson, Alice E. Andrews,?, Henry Meyers, R. D.  Pike Lumber Company, David K. Emmons, R. D.  Pike Lumber Company, Frank Stark, Gerhardt Green, O. P. Olson, R. D.  Pike Lumber Company

Section 12: Dexter Investment Company, William F. Dalrymple

Section 13: City of Bayfield

Section 14: Amelia Sargent (h), Charles Connor, William F. Dalrymple, Mrs. J. D. Cruttenden, Dexter Investment Company, A. J. Sundquist

Section 15: August Turnquist, Ervin Leihy, Thomas R. Hendrix, Dexter Investment Company,

Section 16: R. D.  Pike Lumber Company, Isabel Nourse

Section 17: Dexter Land Company in an

Section 18: Frank Stark (schoolhouse), M.E. Murray, Jennie C. Paulson, H. R. Roath

Section 19: Edward Gonia, A. H. Wilkinson, Loveland Company, Dexter Investment Company,

Section 20: Dexter Investment Company, Harry S. Koppin point, Martin Johnson, Edward Gonia (h)

Section 21: R. D.  Pike Lumber Company (h) mill house by Pikes Creek, Dexter Investment Company, Joshua Brown, Isabel Nourse

Section 22: Mary G. Morris, Dexter Investment Company, C. E. Speer, school board, Louis Schoppe, Ed Carlson, Freeman Briggs, Isabel Nourse, William J. Barningham

Section 23: Henry J. Wachsmuth, 10 acres not legibly written

Section 24: Under Lake Superior Waters

Section 25: Under Lake Superior Waters

Section 26: Under Lake Superior Waters

Section 27: R. D. Pike Lumber Company, Partially Under Lake Superior Waters, 

Section 28: RD Pike Lumber Company, Dexter Investment Company, George Quayle

Section 29: Dexter Investment Company

Section 30: Nellie Wood, Washburn Land Company, Love Land Company

Section 31: E. Hoffman

Section 32: Dexter Investment Company

Section 33: Dexter Investment Company, D.M. Maxey

Section 34: Partially Under Lake Superior Waters

Section 35: Under Lake Superior Waters

Section 36: Under Lake Superior Waters


Town of Bayfield T 50 N R.5 W


Section 22: Charlotte Davidson (h), C. NE Hassing (h), August Turnquist, Jacob Effinger, Matilda M. Rice

Section 23: Bayfield Lumber Company

Section 24: H. R. Roath (h), Hofele brothers (h), J. B. Sober nail, John S. Clark, W. H. Gilbert [the settlement road runs past the Roath farm]


This history brief was written by Robert J. Nelson. Generously sharing our local history through his research and writing.