Comments on the Apple Industry Local District

Presently Hauser Superior View Orchard

Presently Hauser Superior View Orchard
Photo: Henry Van Cleave

Comments on Apple Industry Local District

From Many Apples are now being Sold & Winners at Produce Exhibit

Superior Evening Telegram & Bayfield County Press – Friday, September 17, 1914 

“The Bayfield Peninsula Fruit Association, the co-operative marketing agency of the fruit growers of the Bayfield region, will this year dispose of 6000 bushels of apples, according to H.L Van Cleave, former Superior photographer who is now sales agent for the Association. Mr. VanCleave was in Superior today and disposed of a considerable quantity of the Bayfield apples to local grocers”.

Of the apples marketed this year nearly 5000 bushels will be of the Wealthy variety. The Fruit Association has a membership representing 190 fruit groves. There are now 50,000 apple trees in the groves within the jurisdiction of the Association, and about 100,000 cherry trees. Only the apple trees seven and eight years old are now in bearing so that when all the trees begin bearing Bayfield will be one of the big fruit growing sections of the United States.

Besides the Wealthy apples, among the varieties grown at Bayfield are the Patton Greening, Oldenburg Duchess, Iowa Beauty and Transcendent Crab. The Iowa Beauty is a fine colored apple of excellent flavor which, according to Mr. VanCleave, will find much favor with fruit growers in Northern Wisconsin.

This history brief was written by Robert J. Nelson. Generously sharing our local history through his research and writing.