BHA Welcomes Marisa Lee to the Team

BHA is excited to welcome our new Executive Director, Marisa Lee!

Rather than tell you all about Marisa, we decided to let you see for yourself! Check out her message below and then take a couple minutes to watch clips from a recent informal Zoom chat. Get a glimpse into the perspective Marisa brings to BHA.

But first, a quick shout-out to Stacy Johnston and Audacity HR Solutions in Duluth for guidance during the hiring process. Thanks Stacy!

Now, here’s Marisa!

Marisa Lee at Bayfield Applefest

Marisa Lee – BHA Executive Director

Hi Bayfield!

My name is Marisa Lee. I’m a lawyer and plant nerd with a professional background in non-profit and educational settings. I live on Bayfield’s Fruit Loop with my husband and two teenagers, along with several cats, dogs, and chickens.

So many things about the Bayfield area are still new to me. I love finding another beautiful trail to check out, crossing paths with a new friend or realizing an assumption I made was wrong (it’s not called Bayfield because there’s a bay … and a field?).

There’s always more to learn – and I’m so excited to be in this position where I can learn from all of you! I want to hear about all of it: who from the past inspires you, what you’re curious about right now, and how you imagine our future can be.

Let’s stay connected, Bayfield! We have so much to explore together!

Marisa Lee

Executive Director, Bayfield Heritage Association

Hear Marisa talk about storytelling, her vision and her excitement for the future of BHA in this 3-minute video.