A Tour with Richard Bodin

Richard Bodin takes you on a tour including:

  • Old Houghton School House & Town Hall: 00:15
  • Old Houghton Post Office: 10:49
  • Smith-Babcock Quarry Site: 16:00
  • Fishing: 34:18
  • Quarry Site: Monolith for Chicago Worlds Fair: 38:15
  • Quarry Site: Last quarry to operate in Bayfield County: 44:55
  • Bodin family photos: 57:00
  • Old Bodin Boathouse: 1:00:17

Part of the Bayfield Video Archives, these interviews with Bayfield elders capture the stories, events and personalities that characterized Bayfield. Filmed from the 1980’s – 1990’s by producer/director John Hanson and executive producer Mary Rice.